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There are a wealth of trails available for all levels ranging from the officially marked family trails to the more extreme downhill sections and in-between there is a lot of single track to suit all levels. Let’s not forget to mention that you have the South Downs all around you too. Although the maps are designed to help new visitors and even regulars enjoy the forest, the best way is to get guided assistance and you can’t beat a bit of local knowledge. Please visit South East Mountain Biking and they can help hone your skills too.

Finally (sorry the sensible bit)

When we use the forest we have to be mindful that it is regularly used by walkers, horse riders and is an important habitat for wildlife and to the north a special grazing project. The Forest is managed by the Forestry commission and owned by SE Water.


This is by no means an official web site and the maps are only intended as guides and a means to give trails consistent names. There is an active group of people using the trails on a regular basis building and maintaining the trails, most of whom can be found on the Facebook group FristonMTB. There lies the inspiration behind this site as many posts have ended up with discussions about identifying trails. If you want more up to date information then checkout the Facebook group FristonMTB.

Contact us

If you feel the urge to contact us then you can use the comment area found on most pages or if you prefer send an email from here


  • Visit the official Friston MTB site here.
  • I am very busy at the moment but I still have plans for an active mobile tracking version of the map. I will let everyone know when its available. Its available
  • Well the tracking version working. It needs refining but its functional and works offline
  • Next is to improve accuracy and the trail descriptions along with some photos (possibly).
  • 19/1/15 updated the maps to remove the end of 'Stumpy' which encroached on the walkers only area. here ...
  • 22/1/15 The map includes the bit that leaves the crater run for deliverance before rejoining the last BH. here ...
  • 22/1/15 Also added the OS crater on Tron, Car parks, practice jumps , The official red route and The family friendly route

Your Comments Please use the section below to add your comments. They can be of any nature like trail conditions, new trails or routes or on how the site could be improved. Please be pleasant to one another and no expletives. Thank you.
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