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About this Map

This page is designed to provide a fully interactive map of the single track in Friston Forest.


It works offline, that is it will work while you are in the Forest without a 3G connection, but to do so first you will need to connect to this site and view this page with your smart phone connected to WIFI or 3G. Then leave the tab or page open in your phones browser, the page is then cached along with the maps and will now work when you lose the network connection.

Using the map

To use the map with a touch screen pinch to Zoom and drag with your finger to Pan or use the mouse on a computer.

Click on a trail or a marked feature to pop-up a link to its description.

All descriptions include a set of start and end coordinates which if clicked on will take you to the map with the trail highlighted and a marker pin at the trails start or end point.


If your phone supports GPS location services then just below the map theres a grid of coordinates and some buttons, click on “where am I? “ to locate your current position on the map with a blue marker. Note this is designed to only work in the forest area.

To track your current location click “Start” and your location will automatically be updated on the map with a blue arrow pointing in your direction of travel.

If a trail or feature is selected as a destination whilst tracking is enabled then a straight path is drawn between you and the destination to help guide you there. It is of course up to you to choose the path or fire track to get there going in straight line would be silly most of the time and possibly dangerous too.

and ...

The page also has a list of the available trails by their various names combined with a few stats thrown in for good measure. Although most of the information is on Strava and there are links provided to some Strava segments, the thing is not everybody uses strava and the names don’t always tally up or the segments are literally only a segment of a complete trail, so here we try to bring it all together. If you spot any anomalies or have any additions you would like to see then please use the comments section and then this information can be kept as up to date and as accurate as possible for your convenience.

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